Restoration Hardware Kids/Baby

I'll admit, when RH came out with their first kids/baby line, I was a little worried. I kid you not, the entire girls bedding/linens/clothes lines were pepto bismol pink and chocolate brown. It literally hurt my eyes to look at. The boys had baby blue/ chocolate brown, everything, as well.
So you can imagine my delight when they did some renovations and went to their roots. Afterall, Pink and Brown are not restoration hardware colors. They have no expanded the palette, and it's oh so lovely.
Go here ( ps. they do have a clearance too! )

Now THIS is RH. ( still pinky, but much softer on the eyes )

this room ( below ) is favorite. I die for that bed.


  1. ha! I just did a post about how I hated some of the new restoration stuff. All of the pillars and baroque-y stuff. But you are right--this baby stuff is on point!!