Target Numeric Stoneware

I've been camping for the last week, now i'm back to work! I'm working with new clients, and putting together some projects for the house.
I stopped by Target today and on an end cap I saw these cuties.

These numeric stoneware canisters are $14-19. By one or them all...I'm thinking about getting the "3" for my dining room.
And these plates!


  1. I bought all three last them!


  2. Cute! I want them, but I wish they were cheaper

  3. Love the canisters!! I have been looking for canisters for a while now. The hubby works at a Target Pharmacy so I made sure that he came home with these today!!

  4. Target near me has them market down by 30% but another has them market down by 50%. I picked those up...only missing the #1 and #4 in the plates!!!