To Do's.

What's on my plate this week:

1. Designing a loft space for a client
2. Ordering my dining room rug
3. Painting or selling a dresser, cant decide.
4. Rearranging the guest bedroom
5. Ordering Euro Pillows for 2 of the beds in the house
6. Drawing up a few design boards
7. Weeding. Oh. Joy.
8. Possibly ordering fabric for DIY roman shades
9. Entertaining friends
10. Dinner to an ill friend
11. Seeing 2 girlfriends I miss so much
12. Praying for Tabitha who's in the middle of her IVF
13.  Shipping ebay items/listing more items
14. Fertilizing? ( the lawn, that is..)
15. Pedicure with a designer friend
16. Helping a friend with a wedding
17. Getting to the park with my daughter every night this week :)


  1. Can you update us once each of the items is done? lol
    I am anxious to see your roman blinds. :)

  2. YES. I'm waiting to get the rug, and then i'll *attempt* the roman blinds. It'll take a few weeks, gotta order the fabric