Amazing Anthropologie

A lot of these Anthro finds could very well be DIY projects. They are very pricey, but I love them all.
This furniture has a restoration hardware feel to it.

Dresser $998 ( would be a great craigslist project. start lookin for any ol dresser, preferably without hardware, paint w/stencil, and voila! )
Garvey Chair $998 ( Find an old chair ..farmhouse style, curved back, whatev ..reupholster with either burlap sacks with print, or even buy canvas cloth and do a stencil for cheap )
Restoration Hardware vs Anthro:
Printmaker's Sideboard from RH $1695. Seen this in person, it's incredible. Better deal between these two.
Anthropologie's Illusorio Cabinet $1698 ( less drawers, narrower )


  1. I really impress on your DIY projects clearance furniture, These all are looking really awesome ,so would say thanks for that dear.
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  2. Love the Anthro stencil dresser... I think I may have to do a DIY copy! =D