Dining Room, DONE.

I finished the DIY roman shades ( out of mini blinds ) yesterday, and I gotta tell you, SO easy. The first one took an hour to do because I was super scared to get measurements wrong  ( I am NOT an accurate numbers person, nor can I do anything in a straight line ) but the second one, took 20 minutes.
There are plenty of blogs out there with instructions, but THIS is where I found the most thorough, near idiot proof, instructions

The breakdown:

$7/yd for my fabric ( found HERE ..it's wonderfully firm and thick )
$4 Fabritac glue ( it retails for $9, I had coupon )
$3.99/e mini blinds from Target
Measuring Tape

I searched for months to get these roman shades ( below ) but could only find designer shades for over $100 per shade. This whole project was under $40 for TWO.

Here's mine!
someday i'll get my big girl table. 


  1. those look amazing!!! great job :o)

  2. oooh your shades look fabulous! Congrats on completing the room! :)

  3. Those look great! Question - how'd you get yours inside of the window like that? This may be a dumb Q since I didn't fully read over the tutorial, but hers looks like she had them mounted on top of the trim, which I'm not a fan of.

  4. I just mounted them on the upper inside, it's an option you have with the brackets for the mini blinds :)

  5. you had to stage Penny in this pic, didn't you? you really do love her

  6. You did a GREAT job! Such a great change to that space (although, I loved it before too) ;)

  7. love it! that rug is so pretty! and at least you have a table mine is empty for the moment :)

  8. Oh my gosh - gorgeous, but I love the cat on the table! Best part! :) :)

  9. Amazing! I can't wait to try this out myself!

  10. LOVE the rug! I know I have seen it before but where?

  11. I am curious about your chairs, I recognize them as PB, how are they holding up? Would you recommend them as everyday use chairs?