Indiana Trip

I've been MIA a lot lately, I know. I just got back from a trip to Indiana for a family wedding/reunion. One of my favorite parts to midwest trips are the homes back there. Here are a few highlights

This house ( below ) was a model home. It's an astounding 7500 square feet, and was just sold for $850,000. This home in my area would go for over 2 million if sold. ( our market is stuck, and no one builds these homes  anymore )
It was modeled with a few ridiculous features, such as a massage room, theatre stage, wine room, video game/tv room, and many other things.

On another note, I went to HomeGoods for the first time. ( finally ) Many of you rave over this place, and although there were a few highlights, it's basically what we have at Marshals.


  1. It is the houseware division of Marshalls---around here, a HomeGoods is almost always sharing retail space with Marshalls.

    It kills me to look at houses in the midwest...a crackhouse goes for $400g here.

  2. I knew it was a TJmaxx store, but didnt realize homegoods was attached to them. ( or atleast the one i went to )

  3. Kinda of looks like those houses were in the Village of West Clay - is that right? If so, those houses are rare in Indiana but still crazy what you get for the price, huh?