I've been looking for the best deals on Mums for fall, and I've only been to a few different stores to check prices. So far, this is what I've got:

Costco $10.99 for a big pot of mums ( 14" i think ? ) ( *edit* my local Costcos have sold out and are not restocking. SAD )
Safeway $9.99 for 3 small 4" pots
Home Depot $3 for 2 small 4" pots ( they are really small here )
Winco $3.48 for a small pot

So, if you would, contribute to this list and comment below. Maybe you've seen them somewhere else and cheaper? Obviously Costco is your best bang for the buck here.


  1. I always have the best luck at local produce stands. They're usually better quality too!

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  3. Our True Value has had, by far, the most verdant and cheap Mums this year - literally $10-15 less than the Orange Box.
    Also, I'm a terribly un-Green Thumb, and because the True Value plants are grown locally, they are already used to the soil and climate of my area, so they are harder to kill. And yes, I have managed to kill Mums. Repeatedly.
    You're welcome.