Kitchen Banquettes

Next year, my kitchen is getting a MAJOR overhaul. I'm talkin steel appliances ( 2 of them are on their last leg and they are cream, gag me ), New Countertops, Painted Cabinets and a fabulous backsplash. I'm goin to do it in phases though.
So while I've been thinking of this reno, I've been debating to take that sledge hammer to this bar area. It's basically a landing spot for my purse, or when I'm having big parties it's where food goes to rest. To make it more functional and family/guest friendly, I'm seriously debating on putting in a banquette. It'd be very inexpensive to do, and would compliment the age of my home.

Here's some wonderful inspiration: ( 2nd pic is the table I lust for )


  1. I adore built ins like that, and want one someday. Our home and kitchen doesn't really work with one, but yours is perfect and I say, Go For It!!!
    But I would definitely not suggest you get white upholstery, yikes that's a stain waiting to happen.

  2. I would LOVE a built in nook like that!

  3. I would totally go for it. I really love that look and it totally fits with your house. I would do the white but just make them slipcovers that you can take off to wash.

  4. I love, love, love this look - in fact I have a few of these pics in my inspiration gallery as well! One day when we do our big remodel...