Mini Bathroom Makeover

I love my house. I really do. But this bathroom has been a sore spot for 2 years. I havent done a thing to it til now. It's extremely small ( for a master ) and there is white tile EVERYWHERE. I dream of taking a sledge hammer to the countertops ( I will someday...)

$8 Paint ( BM Healing Aloe..colormatched in a quart )
$50 Light Fixture from Lowes ( Not really what I wanted but I was on a VERY tiny budget )
$19 Mirror from Lowes ( Clearance! )

It's no designer bathroom, but it's better than it was.

BEFORE : complete with hollywood lights and a huge hole behind the mirror that we didnt know existed. My husband had to build at the wall to hang our mirror. Such a pain.



  1. Isn't great what you can do on a tight budget? Love the paint color and shower curtain plus light fixture.

  2. Love the mirror and light fixture!

  3. Wow what a difference! I love it! Where is the shower curtain from....I must have.....