Wedding Edition: Centerpieces

For the next few days, I'm going to be posting about wedding design. As a wedding coordinator, I have seen so many different styles, I cant keep track. Everything from $2000 wedding to a $25000 wedding! So I'm going to be posting inexpensive ideas for you brides to be.

Today I'm starting with centerpieces.

I cannot tell you how many receptions I've been to, where the bride gives up, thinking she doesnt have enough money for a substantial centerpiece. So she settles for a small mirror, tiny votives and petals. Very forgettable. This is where I come in. Instead of wasting money on favors or other forgettable details, use your money on the centerpieces. Seriously.

#1: Natural look: This is so easily done, because half of it is free. Spraypaint branches white ( if you dont want to buy beech colored ones ) and hang cheap dollar store votives from them. If you dont like the candles, you could hang photos from it. Also notice the runner, it ties it in nicely.

*update* oddly enough, I went to a wedding 3 days after posting this, and these were the centerpieces! ( dollar tree LED tealights, Epson Salt as the vase filler! )

#2. You say, well I want this look, Steph, but I dont have hundreds ( or thousands ) of dollars to spend on fresh roses or hydranges or peonies!

 My answer would be, buy carnations, because when are scrunched together, they look amazing. Or, be a trendy bride and make paper flowers. Yes you heard me right. These beauties are extremely cheap and easy to do. There are tutorials all over the internet. Check these out:

#3. The Tiered Look: I love this look, easy to do. Mix flowers or moss or twigs, different size vases, and before you know it, you have a full look.

And this is from a wedding I did:

#4. You dont HAVE to use vases:

For my reception ( which I still think is the best idea, ever..) we had the food AT the tables. No buffet line, no servers.
It consisted of Shrimp Cocktail, Fruit Kabobs poking out of a watermelon, high rollers ( those turkey/creamcheese wraps), and every table had a mini cake. So when it came time to cut the cake, we all cut cake together. It was awesome.
 Sorry i dont have pics! But here's some inspiration. I recommend having your local bakery price it out, otherwise, buy cake mix and decorate them on your own. If you dont want fondant ( which i hate ) you can decorate with ribbon or flowers or...?

I could go on and on and on about centerpieces.

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  1. Wow, these are truly simple yet brilliant ideas for centerpieces. Great job!! I am going to have night wedding at one of beach Malibu wedding venues. I would love to use this simple idea of Mason jar centerpiece. Thanks for sharing post!