The Wingback.

I'm now the proud owner of these 2 RECLINING wingbacks. They were $20 for the pair. Steal eh? They are ripped and have pet hair on them ( ew ) but it doesnt matter.

Leaving me with a large project of reupholstering them! I'm gonna take my sweet time on the first one, since this month is incredibly busy. But in the meantime, enjoy these inspiration pics I've collected.

This bottom one is my favorite ( via design sponge ) even though i love them all. I'll have fun shopping for this fabric....


  1. that first one is to die for. I love the bold turquoise!


  2. I love the two on the bottom as well! They are perfect. Good luck re-upholstering them, I find if you take a picture of every detail you remove when stripping them it will help when putting them back together.

  3. When your done reupholstering your wingbacks will you do mine? :P
    I don't think I have what it takes to do it myself. I've been on the lookout for a cover for mine for awhile.

  4. you should check my post i just finished upholstering a wing back in an amazing custom embroidered fabric

  5. I love this idea. Maybe I should find 2 reclining ones for my living room and redo them once you have directions on your blog