I'm back. Kinda.

Short hiatus, but I'm back much sooner than I thought. And wow  thank you for all the emails!

My camera is dead, so these are phone pics, sorry for the quality.

Here's the problem. The lighting in my house is not ideal. There is NO recessed in this house ( being as it's 100 yrs old and all and VERY pricey to put in ) so I have lamps, everywhere. It is kind of nice though, I dont like bright lights anyways, and it's more of a cozy feel around here.

So here is one half of the living room. I literally switch around lamps weekly because I'm never satisfied with the look or lighting they put off.

A small solution will be to buy a floor lamp. I need more metals in this room anyways, so here's an easy, affordable way to do so.

Ikea's Barometer Lamp. $60

The other BIG HUGE problem, that many of you likely struggle with as well, is slouchy sofa pillows. I've had these's sofas for 4 years and they need a pick me up. Punching them, shaking them to try to give them life just doesnt do the trick anymore. So I'll be investing in some more foam and perhaps some pillow stuffin. Stay tuned for these updates by the weekend.

Seriously I apologize for the quality.
Moving on.

Upstairs is getting more attention. This is the landing w/thrifty antique finds on top of the dresser I redid.

1. $25 wood birdcage ( antique )
2. $5 window pane ( i rubbed a lil blue paint on it, distressed )
3. Turquoise mirror, free. A friend traded a shelf with me

Next up, Chandelier and window treatments ( which I'm in no rush for )
And a lil project my 2 yr old and I did ...collected leaves from the neighborhood and framed them for the lanterns to sit on. They will dry, and I'll be able to use them in lanterns and tablescapes for next year :)

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  1. This is a pretty neat/easy tutorial to revive slumpy couch cushions.

    I did the same with our couch & cut up a pillow made of the couch fabric to make button covers. It looks so much better!