Toddler room

While this was goin on outside...
I got this done ( husband measured, I did the rest )
Board and Batten in my daughters room.
This was the process

1. We had to prime this wall with OIL BASED PRIMER, because of the stripes we had to cover up. It's incredibly messy and smelly ( my tip is to put in drops of vanilla in it...yes it works ) but was so worth it.

2. I bought "whitewood" 1x3x6 boards from Lowes. They were cheap and I had the Lowes dude cut it down to 5 feet instead of 6.

This is the room now, it's ALMOST done. I need to add more puffs/hanging things in that corner and switch up lamps for that table. And obviously fix that middle mirror that is bugging me. Not sure I'll keep the stripes on the other wall or what. And the wall above the board and batten will be painted. I primed the boards, and painted with a high gloss pure white paint ( took less than a quart )

The bed was $60 w/mattress
The bedding is Target $70 ( west elm inspired )
Dresser Ikea Hemnes
Side mirror table, Target
Mirrors, table chair, mannequin  were in her first nursery...remember?
Like I said, still stuff to do, but all in all, this project cost under $75, and took 2.5 hours to do ( with paint and primer and nailing and measuring )

Next to address:
1. Drapes
2. "art" wall
3. Book rack


  1. Looks lovely!! Just perfect with everything!

  2. Looks GREAT! I'm in the process of doing this now for the nursery, I just need to go get the wood cut. Hope it's not too daunting ;)

    You did a great job!