I've always loved cloches. I dont own any because they are always so spendy and I dont have a spot in mind for them....however, I went to Marshalls last week and  to my pleasant surprise, there were cloches among the vases.
They had HUGE ones ( ones that retail for well over $60 in other stores, nearly 2ft tall ) for only $19.99, and smaller ones ( like maybe 9" tall ) for $8.99.
I'm thinkin of snagging one of them, they always remind me of spring, likely because I'd love to see pretty potted moss under it.


  1. MUST check out Marshalls once I can dig my car out of the snow. Love Cloches!

  2. i've been thinking about purchasing one too. i saw a pretty large one at meijer while christmas shopping by katie brown, for $18!

  3. Wisteria has the bird cloches on clearance right now. Use coupon WELCOME to save 25% off (not supposed to work on sale items but it's working on these). Small, medium, & Large Bird Cloches
    $7.20, $8.70, $10.20 (after coupon).