Craigslist search

These are items I'm always looking for on Craigslist. I'm very very picky, and the prices must be right, I dont bend easily with money, unless it's to my advantage :)

Old Twin Beds ( either to reupholster, or antique wood spool or spindle beds ) under $175

Wingbacks with dramatic "wings" under $40 or free ( it can be done, u should see my garage )
Settee under $70
 Antique Dressers under $50

And the Catalina PB Magazine/Book Wall Shelf. This thing would have cost me $145 with shipping and tax, but I bought it today on Craigslist, for $50. Boom.


  1. I love those first beds! I never find anything on craigslist in my area!

  2. love those first beds!! That was a great find on the shelf too, dang.

  3. I may be wrong, but I think that Knock-off Wood or now has a tutorial on how to make that last book/magazine shelf.

  4. ya she does Steph, but I dont have time to make it! $50 was a steal for me :)