New Year To Do's

Saturday is 2011. I had to look at the calendar to know this. Where has the time gone?

Here are my goals for the first quarter of the new year, in which I'll share with you:

1. $100 or less..Master Bedroom Closet Makeover ( Paint, address shelving issues, add more conveniences )
2. Make 2 new roman shades for upstairs landing ( waiting on suzanni fabric to arrive )
3. Maintenance! ( laundry room floor needs to be sealed around edges, part of the bedroom ceiling needs to be painted, trim back hydrangeas and vines for the winter )
4. Reupholster 2 wingbacks for the entry room
5. Price out and possibly buy a sleeper chair for upstairs

On another note, I'll be posting more from a more laid back perspective. Life as a mom with multiple work from home type jobs, entertaining a 3 yr old, homemaker and wife. Maybe post about everyday home issues/solutions, while still bringing you deals I find for your home. My big goal for the year is to recognize needs vs wants for the house. I got good at it this year, but, I want to master it next year .


  1. I think your new posting perspective will be great, can't wait to read it! Also, I'm very curious about the closet makeover. I've been contemplating one myself!

  2. I'll be watching! The closet goal in particular is one I need to do as well and will be on my list too!

  3. Oh. My.lanta. You guys will cringe at the before picture ( which is how it sits right now )
    It's ALLLLLLLLLLLL shelves, no drawers. So there is a lot of piling of the husbands clothes, and random bins. Oh and the lighting is attrocious. I'll do the makeover in February

  4. Can't wait to read more of your adventures!

  5. Distinguishing between needs and wants is on my NY resolution list too. Ebay is too big an influence sometimes!