Roman's are hung!

My fabric arrived and I quickly ran to Target, picked up $3.99 mini blinds and turned them into this! Voila.
(i'll post a daytime pic in the morning )

( ignore the scarves and the crap in the corner )
My bedroom has taken on changes over the last 3 years.

This was when I first moved in, faux velvet Ross drapes that were so wrong for the room, and the rod was out of place for this pic
Then I moved on to Green to lighten it up
I finally got so sick of drapes, because they were too heavy for that window and were kind of useless.
One night I got the urge to attempt to rearrange our tiny master.
And I did.
I managed to move everything by myself, including the 4 post queen size bed. It now sits on the other wall and opens up the window a bit. I switched the room in exactly 20 minutes. I work fast, and i look ugly doing it. :)

ETA: HERE was the post I did for the dining room roman's. link in there i believe for the instructions.
I keep 4 of the blind slats in mine, and yes you can take the roman shade all the way to the top.


  1. What a cute idea! How did you attach the fabric to the mini blinds? Fabic glue?

  2. Love the idea! I am confused on how you got the fold to lay right. My assumption is that you glued the fabric on the top and the bottom of the mini blind. Right? So how to you get the fabric to lay right when you open and close the blinds? Do you always have to leave it at that length?

  3. Where did you get the green curtains? They would match my bedroom perfectly!!!!

    your roman shades look great!

  4. I have been following your blog for awhile but never posted.

    The roman shade looks awesome. I love the fabric you chose.

    Where did you get the green fabric for the former curtains? I'm desperately looking for that kind of fabric for my bedroom curtains but can't find anything nice. But yours are really pretty!!!

  5. Hey gals. The green curtains I made. Fabric is from Joanns...waverly green fretwork :)