Triptych Octopus

I've loved these prints since the day I laid eyes on it. Like, cant get it out of my head love. ( and isnt that room great?)

However, it has the price tag of $3700.  ( click here for source ) or $5,000 at Plantation Design...
So, after getting free money from Groupon last night, I skipped on over to to see if they could help me out.
And they kind of can.

Here is a pretty close version, I'm not thrilled with the blue background ( would prefer the black )
But after coupons I'd only pay $25 a print...( unframed though ...but thanks to joanns 50% off framing, i might be ok )


I had a friend photoshop it, I'm going to be printing it at Kinkos! :)


  1. I love that print too. SO amazing. I think it could still look cool in the light blue. I'd do it!

  2. I love that print! where did you fid it with the lbue background?

  3. o man i always do that, I coment before ive read the fine print! sorry i see where you got it

  4. I'd get some dark brown stock paper and draw that baby myself! I could do that in a few days with a white conte crayon

  5. I like it. I think the frame color will determine the mood it sets. A white frame will give it a more beachy, airy look and a black or brown frame would give it a more sophisticated look IMO. Either frame color will look great in your house!

  6. I would totally do it! I actually like it in blue too just with a dark frame! :)

  7. i played around with it on picnik and blogged about it last week... check it out here, i do like the blue, but I am like you, really like the contrast of the dark background and light octopus. great minds think alike.

  8. Mind sharing how your friend got it in black and white?? I've been trying to find a knock off of this forever!;)