Twin Beds

I love love the idea of twin beds in a guest room or kids room. Here's some pics I've stored up over the years for inspiration:

Easy Cheap Accents!

Easiest headboard ever! Get a curtain rod, drape a panel of fabric ( or a throw blanket ) over the top of it, and voila!
And yet another clever bulletin board type project, by using these  stitch frames, and framing them with a great printed fabric.
Need an update to your wingback chair? You could easily fold several pieces of fabric ( even glue..if you cant sew ) and lay it down the back of the chair. I've never done it but it seems like a fairly simple project.

more to come later.

BBW Soaps

Time to stock up! Bath and Body Works Antibacterial Soaps are 5 for $15 or 7 for $20 NOW!
Also, here's a coupon for an extra free soap ( 6 for $15 )
Click HERE for coupon that expires Feb 21

WS Home Final Sale

Williams Sonoma Linen drapes ( were $125 ) now $19

WS Home Porcelain lamps ( were $425) now are $199
WS Home huge 9x13 Stacked Stripes Rugs ( were $360 ) are now $29 (ONLY RED AVAILABLE NOW )

Ok, so by now you know that I love a good when I discovered Ana White's blog at KNOCK OFF WOOD, I nearly died. Not only is she a total babe with a toolbelt, but oh my good grief is she talented. The girl builds knockoff furniture from popular stores such as Pottery Barn and Crate and Barrel. AND she's kind enough to post the plans for you and me to try!!
Go check it out. She's got videos, a facebook page and so much more :)

Follow Follow Follow

Ok people. On average, according to my statcounter, I get 418 hits a day on my page. However, I have 254 followers! I love my followers. I try to visit your blogs when you join :)
Tell your friends! Follow me! It encourages me to post more often and find more inspiration for you.

Cheap Globe Lights!

In honor of me being in a spring/summer mood today ( it was 60 degrees today, so uncalled for in January ) I went out to Big Lots, and to my pleasant surprise, I found these clear 40 COUNT globe lights. I have always wanted these for my backyard trellis, but they are spendy!! For instance, 25 lights usually go for $13 at Target, and 40 light strands have always been $35-50 when I've shopped for them. But today, I found 40 light strands for only $10!!!! I cant wait to string them up this spring.


Also at Marshalls...

This BIG gold urn table lamp, I *think* it was $59. Dont like the gold? Spraypaint it!

Same goes for this lamp. It's actually quite tall! They have a great selection of lamps at my local Marshalls and TJ Maxx. Check yours out!

PB Knockoff

This Pottery Barn Mackinaw bench is pretty and all, but not for $399. I just got back from Marshalls and they have a knockoff of it for $129 :)

Spotlight on: Save-on-crafts website

This website is one of my top favorites. It is huge, and has insanely great prices. Here's a few ideas of things to buy. Starting out with vases and fillers. Soaps and sponges in jars for the bathroom? Shells for the living room? They'e got it all. Even craft ideas and preserved flowers. Check it out!
( click on pictures for links ) Enjoy!

Square and rectangle vases in several sizes for cheap, as well as different sized apothecary jars! And PLENTY of things to fill these vases with, including these:


And much, MUCH more. Like several sizes of LED Candles ( wax illuminaries )

birch sleeves and natural branches


Help me find!

I'm wanting these PB Bettina Drapes for my living room. Catch is, they are $179 a pair on ebay. Ew. So, can you help me find similiar ones? OR even better, FABRIC that matches?? I'd love you long time.
I finally got an electric sander ( for Christmas, thanks Dan ) and I'm hoping to use it on a dresser redo. Now, to find the dresser. It's been hard to find a dresser that is over 34" high and LONG, and old. I dont want anything new. I currently have a World Market pair of dressers and I'm over them! Ok I'm going to stop rambling now.

Nate Berkus

If you havent heard, Nate Berkus is getting his own show, fall of 2010. I'm actually looking forward to this, I really admire his talents and tastes!

Help me find!

I got this fabulous Ikat Indian Summer fabric on clearance for $2 a yard..( was $10 a yard ) and I'm obsessed with it. The gold in it ( hard to see ) is shimmery too. I'm going to sew a dress out of it for our trip to Mexico this summer, likely one of these 2:

I cant help but want to do morewith this fabric. I'll probably make Bryn a dress out of it too, or atleast a sarong. In the meantime...

 I NEED YOUR HELP, I'm looking for an Ikat-esque throw blanket in blues or oranges. These images are some examples of the look I want:

Pier One!

(left )Company C's Dexter Chair=$1695
(right )Pier One Ikat Chair = $289

Pier One Clearance

The Pier One Mirrored Lamp is $49 in stores now :) ( was 100 )

This fun vibrant pillow is on clearance too for $12!

Trust that the wind knows...

I've always been a fan of this wrapped canvas print, check out the price differences: