Product LOVE

I havent posted about a product I love in a long time, so here it goes. OxiClean REALLY works. I'm tellin ya. Example 1. My cat decided to hack up a fur ball on my lovely bedding. I freaked out, through it in the wash, dried it and it came out stained. I ran to Costco, bought the biggest box they had of Oxiclean Versatile. I soaked the spot for not even 5 minutes and the stain was gone. GONE! I tried it on 2 other sweaters that had SET IN grease stains, and after one wash, they were gone. So then, I took it to my bathroom floor ( hex tiles, white grout, stains easily ) , made a paste, and VOILA, looked good as new. Ok, I'll step off my soap box now...( pun intended )

PS. I posted a while ago about my love for magic erasers. I must emphasize how much I love them. I got 12 for Christmas. They are amaaaaaazing.


Well I can check off one small project ( as mentioned below )..I painted that entry table of mine an ebony color. Still debating on whether I should keep the burlap on for spring or switch to a fun bold floral print....stay tuned!

Your Porch

Your porch is so important, and yet, a lot of people neglect theirs. But it gives the first impression on what they can expect in your home when they walk through the door. So what does your porch say about your home? " we only live here part time..." or " we are a fun home!" or "my house is bland" or "hi! welcome! we love life!"
Here's some inspiration. Whether its painting the floor, or ceiling, putting a rug down, or even just putting potted plants out, you'll feel a difference immediately. One month til Spring! Start writing your ideas out..

The Craftsman

5 years ago, if you would have told me I'd be living ( and loving ) in a 100 year old craftsman, I would have prescribed you crazy pills. ( I had very contemporary taste, wanted everything brand new etc. ) But now, I cannot imagine living anywhere else, right now in my life. Here's some fun inspiration pics I found all over the net. From the builtins, to schoolhouse lights, infused modern with original trim, and wood floors. I love.

Front yard work

What I'm hunting for..on craigslist.

Spindle/Spool Bed for my toddler's room...
Cant decide between the expedit ikea bookcase or the skinny shoe storage bins ( ikea ) for my laundry room. Hoping to find them used so I dont pay retail!

Always looking for antique dressers and....
A good ornate antique frame ( big )
60" round pedestal table
Wood boxes ( cigar boxes, old crates, metal, whatever )

*I've been slow to post, I realize. Trying to find new inspiration, but frankly, I've been outside in our 60 degree weather, planning yard projects, not indoor projects! *

Projects for the coming weeks

Ashley's Stenciled Wallpaper Look

I have to show you this fabulous nursery, that Ashley, over at DomesticWannabe is working on! You know I'm a fan of medallion/tile prints AND wallpaper, and she nailed it with the best of both making her OWN stencil! ( Not to the mention the color is perrrfect )She does have a tutorial as well ( click on link above ) I will post more pics when she is finished! Thanks for sharing Ashley!

Before/After Old time vanity

This image gives me a mixed feeling. This exact vintage dresser/vanity is something I see on craigslist ALL THE TIME( like the one above, is on my local craigslist, mostly for under $25, they are usually the original wood, and hideous, so seeing it all fresh in white makes me give it a new appreciation, although I doubt I'll go buy one. I do love a big mirror though...(image from Domino Mag)

Target Clearance Table

How cute is this table? It's on clearance at Target for only $179. I love how chunky it is, it'd be great in the dining room of course, but would be awesome in an entryway too.