Sneak Peak

Here is one of our outdoor daybeds we've built...this is just the sneak w/paint,pillows,mattress,cover to come!

Ugly Monday

I'm gonna start a series, every monday, I'll post a decor item that I think it ugly. It'd be easy to post from a random site that has trinkets and coyote bedding, but I'll post from stores you know.
Here's the first Monday Ugly.

A MUSHROOM wreath from Crate and Barrel. I dont know whats worse, the mushroom part, or the price tag of $79

Wainscoting vs Beadboard

Ok, not really vs, because I like both of them. I'm likely going to put beadboard in my laundry room, because I have an enormous ( for a laundry room ) long blank wall that needs a high beadboard, not chair rail, I'm talkin bring it up 6 feet high.
In the meantime....


BEADBOARD: ( I like to see this in closets and bathrooms, personally )


Did I ever show you the before/afters of our house? Oh I have? Well, you are seeing them again, because our house turns 100 this year :) I will add the AFTER pictures of our backyard next week.

Knock off Time

Pillar Candle Chandeliers can be seen in places like Pottery Barn, Restoration Hardware and high end retailers.
So here's a great knockoff:

Restoration Hardware's $925 version
Lowes $222 version
But check this one out. A DIY'er pulled it off for $32.

If you dont like the idea of the candle holders, I'd buy the Battery Operated/Timed LED candles. SAVEONCRAFTS has a good selection with fairly decent prices. Target also carries them, and I got my 3 pack at costco for $20. This would be cool for an outdoor patio/pergola area too!

In honor of my lil bathroom

This little guy has been put on the back burner. It's our upstairs bathroom, closet size, so the color has to be light. I hate the periwinkle/blueish color and since it's such a small room it'd be easy to paint in a quick hour. So I'm debating colors!
But the real reason for this post is to talk about painted sinks. They look soo good when dropped into an old cabinet, or sideboard. I understand it's not for everyone, but for those of you who wanna make a statement, here are a few companies I recommend:

Majolica House- they absolutely kill it, the colors are vibrant, and their prices are awesome


I have a confession to make, about a habit I have. Whenever I buy something that I'm proud of, I find the stock photo of it online and save it to a file, in case I need to sell it in the future. I have no clue why I started it. Here's some examples:

Wisteria Love