Black and White Stripes

I have a very large weakspot for black and white. ESPECIALLY black and white stripes. I only have a few stripes in my house, but that may change soon...I have a certain room in mind.
images via decorpad,elledecor,dwell,google images,PB

I think I found my knockoff rug...

Pottery Barn wont be bringing back their Emma Rug. I'm so sad, it's the one I wanted for our dining room. I saved and saved for it ( it was like $800 ) and they took it away.
So here's my backup plan. It's Martha Stewarts Chrysanthemum Rug. It's half the price of Emma, and has a similiar feel. Hoping to get this in the fall :)

Ugly Monday

You too, can enjoy these fat ballerina figurines ( zgallerie ) for the low price of $49 each.

I need. Sun.

See that sky? That white, cloudy overcast sky? This is all I've seen for a couple of weeks. It's enough to make me crazy and depressed. My husband, daughter and I are in search for 80 degree weather, so we'll be heading out on a spontaneous vacation. Plus it's our 5 year anniversary on Thursday. See you next week!

Ugly Monday. Pier One, Fail.

Ok I'm the girl that HATES scrolly things. So for me, this is furniture suicide.
It's the Pier One Quentin Console. It's even worse because it's got a price tag of $500.

Not enough for you? Here's a yoga frog lamp from Pier One. $45.

I have a confession to make.
When looking at magazines, or watching design shoes or whatever, instead of looking at the picture as a whole, I dissect it in the way that I can tell you where most of the furniture/decor items are from. I was sitting here watching "Color Splash" on HGTV, and 75% of the stuff I could tell you where it's from, and how much it costs.
Same goes for movies. Sometimes I cant even enjoy the movie because I'm thinking about why the director chose that direction, or angle, or wonder how he described the scene to the actor. I'm always thinking about the background. I love to know how things work.

That's all.

Stay tuned for Ugly Monday.

Mini Cocottes for $12.99!

Heads up, Marshals has mini cocettes ( like mini dutch ovens, cast iron.. ) They are so stinkin cute, I think I'm gonna go back and pick up 2 cases. Online, you'll have a tough time finding a set of 4 for under $80. Seriously. Marshals ( maybe TJMaxx too ) is selling a pack of 4, for $12.99!! No joke. Variety of shapes ( rectangle, oval, circle ) and colors too. Here's examples of them:

Ugly Tuesday

Sorry I missed ugly Monday, it was truly an ugly monday for me. So here ya go, Tuesday edition.
This hideous $1,129 crown chandelier from Ballard


Grad party success! Congrats class of 2010

Globe Lights: Big Lots, $10 for 40 feet!
Pergola Drapes: White Queen Sheets for $11, also on tables.
Outdoor Lounges: DIY, $58 each including mattress

More to come on the lounges!

Oversized Buttons

Remember Pottery Barn's oversized buttons? Joann Fabrics has em...they are 40% off right now, They are around $12 after the discount

Joanns ( taken from phone )

Coming soon

I promise I'm around. Working on stuff for a big ol grad party this weekend that I'm hosting. Pics to come!