Few updates and more craigslist!

These pics are from the guest room in which furniture usually is "in waiting" or where furniture goes to die. I've neglected it. However, our friend lives with us 6 months out of the year and it was time to give it color.
Table's done and painted. Total cost $15.
I JUST bought this fabulous antique chair for $20 on craigslist. A screamin deal.

sorry these pics are so bright!

Decided not to paint this bad boy afterall. It would be too much of a pain and i dont love it that much ;)
And I finally got the lil Nate Berkus rug set up in it's spot

more to come

Spruce it up

A little dream of mine is to own a shop for realsies, and create masterpieces from junky old furniture. I already do it out of my home, but on a casual basis.

Kinda like what these marvelous women are doing at Spruce. Here's there tv pilot, the show hasnt been picked up yet. However, you can check out there site at http://spruceaustin.com/

The Wingback.

I'm now the proud owner of these 2 RECLINING wingbacks. They were $20 for the pair. Steal eh? They are ripped and have pet hair on them ( ew ) but it doesnt matter.

Leaving me with a large project of reupholstering them! I'm gonna take my sweet time on the first one, since this month is incredibly busy. But in the meantime, enjoy these inspiration pics I've collected.

This bottom one is my favorite ( via design sponge ) even though i love them all. I'll have fun shopping for this fabric....

Another craigslist find

I need a table for the guest room to put behind a sofa ( to act as a desk/sofa table)
So i found this cutie for $10. Yes, TEN dollars.
She will get a nice glossy white paint for now.
Scratch that. She's goin Turquoise. In high gloss.

Free and $1 Stuff

Recent thrift/garage sale items:

free lamp. Not sure what I'm doin next with her..

$1 Pedestal, just buffed her up a bit
$1 for this lil bowl, just buffed up ( thrift store )
FREE Leaf Garland ( was $20, then marked down 90%, then the lady just decided to give it to me free. thrift store)
$1 Bread Platter, again I just buffed/oiled this up a bit. ( thrift store )...The wrapping around the candles is goin. I dislike, it's too bland.

At West End

I got this lil catalogue in the mail the other week, to a store I've never even heard of. But I was glad to get it!
It's called " At West End." Maybe I'm the last to know about it?
Reguardless I'll share it :)
www.atwestend.com ships everything for $5, reguardless of the size of order.

Here's a taste:

Metal Letters
Glass Dryer
Stemless glasses

Funky Felt Owl

Rustic Trolley ( $$$)

More Jeff Lewis

It's no secret I'm a huge Jeff Lewis fan. HUGE. I hate that the season of Flipping Out is over.

He did a dynamite job on the House Beautiful Kitchen of the year ( article here ), it's very Jeff Lewis.

He also did a remodel at Royal Woods:

This season he even remodeled a restaurant ( Casa Vega )


He had another construction/remodel project on New York Drive in Altadena,CA but I of course cannot find pics online.

Speaking of Ikea...

My friend bought this "multi use hanger " for her daughters to hang their scarves on. It looks really pretty actually.
It is only $7.99

The Mercury Look for Cheap

Especially for the holidays, I love some glam. It's the time to bust out the shiny decor objects, garlands, mirrors for a dramatic look.
Ikea has some amazing silver candle holders that look so much like the mercury ones you see in department stores, but for a fragment of the price. $12 and under, in fact. Pottery Barn has a magnificent Mercury Collection, and their candle holders range from $19-50...

Just go to Ikea.com and search "skimmer"

I cant wait to bring these out!

Couple new world market finds.

World Market has some great things goin on. The online site doesnt do it  justice, so I suggest spendin an hour in the store :) There is a TON of thanksgiving type decor in the front, lots of things I'd love to have in my home.

Faux Fur Blankets and Pillows ( multiple colors )
Round Bath Mats ( several colors )

Kitchen Banquettes

Next year, my kitchen is getting a MAJOR overhaul. I'm talkin steel appliances ( 2 of them are on their last leg and they are cream, gag me ), New Countertops, Painted Cabinets and a fabulous backsplash. I'm goin to do it in phases though.
So while I've been thinking of this reno, I've been debating to take that sledge hammer to this bar area. It's basically a landing spot for my purse, or when I'm having big parties it's where food goes to rest. To make it more functional and family/guest friendly, I'm seriously debating on putting in a banquette. It'd be very inexpensive to do, and would compliment the age of my home.

Here's some wonderful inspiration: ( 2nd pic is the table I lust for )

Joann's Sale

Great sale at Joanns this weekend! Including Halloween Costume fabric 50-60% off, tulle 25 cents a yard, and much much more. I always start out in the special order fabric and move my way to the home decor fabrics :) These beauties are all 50% off right now ( Kauffman and Dwell fabrics )