New Year To Do's

Saturday is 2011. I had to look at the calendar to know this. Where has the time gone?

Here are my goals for the first quarter of the new year, in which I'll share with you:

1. $100 or less..Master Bedroom Closet Makeover ( Paint, address shelving issues, add more conveniences )
2. Make 2 new roman shades for upstairs landing ( waiting on suzanni fabric to arrive )
3. Maintenance! ( laundry room floor needs to be sealed around edges, part of the bedroom ceiling needs to be painted, trim back hydrangeas and vines for the winter )
4. Reupholster 2 wingbacks for the entry room
5. Price out and possibly buy a sleeper chair for upstairs

On another note, I'll be posting more from a more laid back perspective. Life as a mom with multiple work from home type jobs, entertaining a 3 yr old, homemaker and wife. Maybe post about everyday home issues/solutions, while still bringing you deals I find for your home. My big goal for the year is to recognize needs vs wants for the house. I got good at it this year, but, I want to master it next year .


I've always loved cloches. I dont own any because they are always so spendy and I dont have a spot in mind for them....however, I went to Marshalls last week and  to my pleasant surprise, there were cloches among the vases.
They had HUGE ones ( ones that retail for well over $60 in other stores, nearly 2ft tall ) for only $19.99, and smaller ones ( like maybe 9" tall ) for $8.99.
I'm thinkin of snagging one of them, they always remind me of spring, likely because I'd love to see pretty potted moss under it.


I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and were able to spend time with loved ones!
My house is "dechristmafide" and it feels oh so good to get all those pine needles off everything ( thank you shopvac and my husband )

Just a quick tip, this is the week to get on ebay and craigslist. Between people wanting to sell their old to make room for new gifts, and people wanting a fresh start for the new year, there is a lot of treasures to be found :)
( dont forget about craigseasy! )

Roman's are hung!

My fabric arrived and I quickly ran to Target, picked up $3.99 mini blinds and turned them into this! Voila.
(i'll post a daytime pic in the morning )

( ignore the scarves and the crap in the corner )
My bedroom has taken on changes over the last 3 years.

This was when I first moved in, faux velvet Ross drapes that were so wrong for the room, and the rod was out of place for this pic
Then I moved on to Green to lighten it up
I finally got so sick of drapes, because they were too heavy for that window and were kind of useless.
One night I got the urge to attempt to rearrange our tiny master.
And I did.
I managed to move everything by myself, including the 4 post queen size bed. It now sits on the other wall and opens up the window a bit. I switched the room in exactly 20 minutes. I work fast, and i look ugly doing it. :)

ETA: HERE was the post I did for the dining room roman's. link in there i believe for the instructions.
I keep 4 of the blind slats in mine, and yes you can take the roman shade all the way to the top.


I rarely watch Oprah, but I tuned into the episode when Jerry Seinfield's wife was on talking about her cookbook. They had this fabulous sequin apron, and  thousands of people inquired about it.
Of course it's $350 and completely unrealistic ( yes, i love the feeling of wiping cookie dough hands on sequins )
in case you are curious, here's the site:

Anyways, I came across some really great aprons that actually arent too badly priced...( great gift for the cook or hostess? )

Jessie Steele


And to top it off, how 'bout this super cute measuring cups?
( Anthropologie )

Christmas Sales as of 12.21.10

Joanns is currently 70% off all Christmas ( next week it'll be 90% )

Pottery Barn 40% off most Christmas ( I usually go in January and it's 90% off, thats when I stock up ) They have A LOT more in store than online, I couldnt believe it.

Anthropologie is 40% off all Christmas right now ( their ornaments are fantastic this year )

Another great deal site

Hey all, sorry about the slacking on the blog, it's been a tough week!

I want to direct your attention to a site called HauteLook. Everyday at 8am, they post insane deals on clothing, home decor, furniture, makeup, and even vacations. Some companies you may recognize, some you may not. Here's some of the companies they've recently had:

Moes Home Collection ( 50-80% off...right now! )
Noble House Rugs
Muk Luk
Kenneth Cole
Urban Decay ( all products $2! )
American Apparel and more...

My Tree

I keep adding to my tree. Thanks to Joanns. I bought these awesome sprays that have 3 different balls on them, one of them looks like its got sugar coating. I got them  for about 80 cents a stick from Joanns.
You cant see, but I have several sparkly birdies on the tree that were 60 cents from Joanns, AND the little bird houses were 60 cents each, I just spraypainted them white, then put white glitter on them for 50 cents.
I have a lot of personal ornaments on their, I like the whimsical sparkly look.

New Fabric

Looky what I just ordered for  2 projects....stay tuned!
P Kaufmann and Robert Allen come through for me again!

Triptych Octopus

I've loved these prints since the day I laid eyes on it. Like, cant get it out of my head love. ( and isnt that room great?)

However, it has the price tag of $3700.  ( click here for source ) or $5,000 at Plantation Design...
So, after getting free money from Groupon last night, I skipped on over to to see if they could help me out.
And they kind of can.

Here is a pretty close version, I'm not thrilled with the blue background ( would prefer the black )
But after coupons I'd only pay $25 a print...( unframed though ...but thanks to joanns 50% off framing, i might be ok )


I had a friend photoshop it, I'm going to be printing it at Kinkos! :)

Craigslist search

These are items I'm always looking for on Craigslist. I'm very very picky, and the prices must be right, I dont bend easily with money, unless it's to my advantage :)

Old Twin Beds ( either to reupholster, or antique wood spool or spindle beds ) under $175

Wingbacks with dramatic "wings" under $40 or free ( it can be done, u should see my garage )
Settee under $70
 Antique Dressers under $50

And the Catalina PB Magazine/Book Wall Shelf. This thing would have cost me $145 with shipping and tax, but I bought it today on Craigslist, for $50. Boom.