After 13 years, and over 175 issues, I am NOT renewing my InStyle Magazine subscription. It is bittersweet and kind of embarrassing. It's a piece of history! ( that is what I tell myself )
If you've ever seen an InStyle magazine, you know it's not some dinky thing. They are heavy and big....therefore they are consuming precious closet space in my old home.

I have so enjoyed them over the years. I would always start from the back because that's where they'd feature celebrity homes.

Like this one ( click here )

Or Molly Sims NY apartment featured in the InStyle Home Magazine ( so mad they dont print anymore )
this fabulous dining space

and living room
They've surely dished out some valuable material over the years.


  1. Hey Stephanie! I love reading your blog, so I'm passing along the stylish blogger award to you! Enjoy!
    Check out my blog for the details!hex

  2. I have often admired that first dining room picture, think I even have it in my files somewhere. I love grey, I love velvet, I love that style of dining. Had no idea it was Molly Sim's apartment. Cool.