Craigslist Tips

I'm always always on Craigslist. Craigseasy makes my life so much easier these days!
Last October I bought 2 wingback recliners for $30 ( for the set ) and they've been sitting in my shed as I debate whether to keep them. The problem is, I'm not satisfied with the "wings" on them. I need a more profound wing.
Soo I sold them for $110. Yes, an $80 profit.

I always always sell for profit, and you know, it works. It's all about doing this:

1.Use tags ( keywords ) the more the better, overdo it. For instance, My listing included words like: wingback, wing, winged, upholstered, fabric chairs, set, pair, blue, wood legs, armchairs, arm, chairs, old, vintage, antique, recliners.

2. Take GOOD pics. If there are any problems with your furniture, take pics of the problem spots. Do not take pics like this:

Bad Display: frumpy back pillows, ditch the beige pillows....I cant see what the frame looks like, what's with the curtain in the back?

Bad Lighting AND junk: What color is that? Is it wood? Is there glass? I cant see what it is beneath the clutter

Know what it's worth, and what's in style.( research other similiar listings and then put your price ) These people are out of touch with reality. They want $500 for the set.


  1. i hear ya on that out of touch with reality stuff. some peoples prices on things are just outragous!

    love this post, good tips:)

  2. And for BUYING on craigslist you can set RSS feeds for items you're looking for :)

  3. I had a good laugh about the people asking $500 for that ugly furniture. Thanks for the good tips!

  4. Great tips. It is rather amusing what some people think their furniture is worth!

  5. This made me lose it.

    My husband is very out of touch with reality.

    We have 6 year old furniture we want to sell, we paid about $1200 for it at Sofa Mart. It has been used and abused, still looks good.

    He thinks we can get $600.....riiiiiiight

    I told him $300 tops and he thinks I'm nutso. Actually he is nutso.