JCP Sconces

Alicia, this one's for you.

Arent these sconces so great? And SO affordable at $59! Click Here
 Here's a "real" pic of it via SAS Interiors


  1. Dude! I love them in that last picture. I think you sold me ;)

  2. $59.... Seriously Thats price alone is ridiculous for those lamps. I think I may also be sold. This works perfect for me, My window is above my nightstand and whenever I open the window and a strong breeze comes through my lamp gets knocked down. It has been knocked down so many times it's beyond repair. this would solve the problem for good.

  3. Hey, just came across your blog today while searching for a 2x3 rug, random. Thought I'd tell you I'm really enjoying reading and browsing. I too am a bargain shopper. I have a list of stores I'm allowed to shop at for home decor. I love getting a good deal on designer items.