Shopping Fail.

Tip: When shopping at Marshalls or TJ Maxx, snatch up the things you want. DO NOT  put it off and "wait til next time" ( like I've done ) because I guarantee those items will be gone.

I missed out on a huge Le Creuset 3 days ago, $55 for a purty red one on clearance. *smacks forehead*

I also missed out on those $8.99 Bell Cloche's I blogged about. Gone.

Having said that, I'm going back to get one of these HUGE weekender bags. 29 bones.


  1. I love these weekend bags. I am definetely going to check out my local TJ tomorrow!


  2. and then keep the receipts...b/c they always mark down their clearance EVEN more...

    I love those stores...

  3. Oh man, I definitely need one of those! I always haul a million bags to my parent's house every time I visit them. Thanks for the heads up, I hope my tj's has some!