Welcome to 1.1.11

Project number 1 is on the books, for my home anyways.

Here is the current landing upstairs.
(There will be suzanni roman shades on the windows next week, and there's a zebra hide rug you cant see.)

One of my big goals for the new year is to distinguish wants vs needs. ESPECIALLY when it comes to  decor. Everything must have a function or a place before I buy it. So this is what I'm thinking..

There is no seating up there. And there needs to be, I end up sitting on the stairs waiting for my daughter to get our of bed  after I put her down. AND, when we have another baby, God willing, I'll need seating up there.
I have been in love LOVE with sleeper chairs forever. Then it dawned on me, why not? It would be the PERFECT size for up there, and since I have sleepover guests quite often, it'd be a win win with it's twin sleeper.
The dresser would move to the small  wall between the 2 doors on the right and the sleeper would take it's spot on the current wall.
I'm frustrated because twice in one week I've missed this crate and barrel set on craigslist..by one email. These retail ( with ottoman ) for well over $600. Ouch. So my search continues. I do not want to spend a penny over $400 for both.


  1. I have just today been admiring some gorgeous suzanni fabrics online. I can't wait to see your shades!

  2. I don't know if you've considered this already, but I know I've seen a sleeper chair at World Market before.