Wing Upholstered Beds

This is such a great knockoff...I adore these beds. Restoration Hardware also carries them for thousands..
It's masculine and romantic and I loooove it.

Here's Williams Sonoma Home's Upholstered Bed $2350-$5450 ( yes, you read that right )

Here's Sears Version, for $499-599
This would make such a statement for your master bedroom. It's so chic and the price is so right.


  1. Love it!!! To be honest I think I even like the Sear's version better. The cheaper price tag is easy on the eye as well.

  2. it's like you read my mind! i was thinking about doing this style for my master. thanks:)

  3. LOVE mine! It's the Candace Olsen designed headboard - makes me happy. :)