Toddler artwork

Wanna see the condition of my house right now? I wont show you the front room  because it's my upholstery room right now, and it looks like a warzone. Meanwhile, my 3 year old got a hold of a sharpie and put her artwork on a few of my windows. Can't help but laugh. Nothin a magic eraser cant handle.


  1. Awww, so cute! One day we will be wishing our kids still wanted to stay home and draw on the windows. Have you seen the Crayola Window Markers? Target sells them and I LOVE them. My son thinks they are the coolest things ever.

  2. lol Jennifer. I cannot believe they actually market those things...i dont exactly want to encourage her to write on the windows ( because before i know it, she'll think it's cool to write on the sofas )

  3. Yikes! Thank god for small favors (window and not sofa).

  4. I've stumbled across your blog for the first time... and I had to tell you I love your style!

    Can't wait for more goodness!