Dresser Projects

Here are the 2 dressers I'm revamping...

This one, got for $15 ( I got it for half off ) and it's going in my entryway. Isnt the paint hideous? I'm giving her a chance. Look at those cute legs.

And this lil guy I got for $40 at a random thrift store. I talked him down from $65. This guy will be painted a bold blue with purdy new knobs for the spare bedroom
The blue will be one of these:

Peacock Blue

or Hague Blue as pictured below
either way, you get my drift.


  1. what awesome pieces of furniture!! cant wait to see what you do!

  2. I LOVE peacock blue. I am trying to decide what color to paint an entry way table....you just had me add this to the running! Thanks for the constant inspiration! :)