Spring teased us today

It was an exciting 61 degrees yesterday here in the pacific northwest. Lowes was packed full of people with projects in mind, the sound of lawnmowers mowing lawns, and the smell of these babies on my bbq:
I also painted the guest room ( took maybe 2 hours? ) and got the smaller dresser done.

I'm ordering antique drawer ring pulls from Greece ( sounds fancy, but in all reality, I bought from ebay :) so it'll be a while til they get here.

Of course it's supposed to rain all week, so the big dresser will have to wait to be worked on outside.

In the meantime, I hope you get a chuckle out of this. Because I.DID.NOT. My child decided to stash a green sharpie somewhere and used her mad art skills on the back of my wingback-upholstery-in-progress. Meaning I had to strip it down and start alll over.

Bryn, where's the marker? What mawka momma?


  1. OMG, I would have not been a happy mama either!

  2. So NOT funny...at least not now. But trust me, when your grandchild does something similar to their mama, then you WILL laugh and laugh and laugh. Trust me, I know! ha ha ha

  3. nothing like green on the face as a giveaway, LOL!

  4. Cut that doodle out, frame it and give it to her when she has her first child.....with the comment, "Karma. Brace yourself." Really, when I was a young mom that would have sent me over the edge. Now? Not so much. Those are the memories you'll treasure.