Things to make with wood pallets

Hello Hello! My plate is absolutely full with rejuvenation projects right now,a wingback, a settee, 2 dresser and painting a room. Why I decided to do it all at once, I dont know.

I have been motivated to do a post about wood pallets. You'll see them free on the side of the road, or behind stores or craigslist for free. Some in better shape than others. Below, I've compiled the best ideas I could find on the web. There are a few of these I may work on this summer. Enjoy!

#1 A Vertical Garden!

 #2 Beds!
#3 Shelves!

#4 Coffee Tables!

#5 Wall Treatment!
#6 Outdoor Lounge Swing!

#7 Storage Boxes ( kids toys, shoes, blankets? )


  1. love the ideas i have one of the wood shelves i will be using to display my pillows at the store!

  2. I looooove this idea! I happened upon your blog when looking for DIY outdoor daybed ideas... did you end up making yours last summer? I am thinking the palettes could be a winner!

  3. I'm thinking of making a table for samples in our office from pallets. Any tips? We have tons of left over pallets...