Weekend Yard Plans

We have been miserable here with rain and hail for weeks. I actually see sun right now and I'm squealing over this forecast ( A "nice" weekend? )

I plan on making the most of it with a FULL day outside, I cant remember the last time this happened.

This flowering crabtree is my favorite, but the poor grass stands no chance to the shade/moisture it brings year round. It always looks this thin, reguardless of how much I seed or fertilize.
I'll be getting the darkest beauty bark I can get, just down the street to create this:
And putting in a small stone path for the gate entrance, somethin like this: ( without all the plants)

Wish me luck. I'll post pics later.


  1. I love how your weather forecast spelled Cheney Stadium. Made me giggle! :-)

  2. *gasp* Is that forecast for real? Me & the hubby are going to Ocean Shores today. I haven't been looking at the forecast because I just assumed it would be rainy. Woo hoo!
    Good luck with the yard work!

  3. So I know it's been a few years, but I'm really curious to know how you went with that stone path? (If you posted about it since, sorry, I searched but couldn't find an update)

    I'd like to do something similar in my garden, but not sure exactly how to do it!

    1. Sorry for the delay! I literally just dug into the lawn, layed down sand to level it out, packed it down and added stone. I added sand in between. It was so very easy.