I never do this, but I must post a pet peeve. There are a couple ladies with very popular home blogs, that airbrush their babies/pictures of themselves. And very obviously enhance their eyes.
What happened to being real?! Especially with kids. Dont you feel guilty "enhancing" your children's faces in pictures? Upping the vibrance on a photo is one thing, but making them look like china dolls freaks me out. Love your kids as they are, God made them. This coming from someone who desperately wants another child.
Vent over.


  1. I hate that too.

    I also hate it when professional photographers do that, they look fake and totally not real. Not all pro photographers do it, but a lot are and I really don't like it. Sorry, but nobody's eyes look that GOOD!!!!

  2. I so totally agree. And I've done a ton of professional photo retouching in my career. We "real" pros focus on making things look NATURAL! Not pageant-y. I find the style horribly tacky.

  3. Completely agree with you. And I think I know who you are talking about and some of those said people never had problems conceiving or suffered through miscarriages. Sometimes their posts are a little heartless in that aspect. Sometimes I feel like they do not understand how special it is that they have a child.

    I think about you all the time. And pray for your family! Hang in there!

  4. Amen Sista. I'm all about being real.


  5. aaaaaannnndddd now I'm dying to know what blogs these are so I can cyberstalk them and judge! :P