My TJMAXX adventure.

I was at TJ Maxx today, and spotted these awesome bowls. They are sweet and chic and remind me of the the Anthropologie bowls below: ( $8 )

TJ Maxx ( $2.99)

I get to the checkout area, I heard a very loud crash and glass pieces sprayed on me...because this lil ol gal ran her car in the TJMAXX.

I'm fine, no one was hurt. I walked away with no purchases in hand, laughing.


  1. I just bought the small bowl in the coral color! Love it :)

  2. wow interesting day at the shops then!
    Great blog :)


  3. Glad your okay! I actually have the little green bowl in the 2nd picture.

  4. oh man! that's crazy! tjmaxx's must be bad luck. my agency runs a thrift store and the exact same thing happened to our store. we had a grand reopening party and everything. guess what shop is also in the same center? exactly.