Swoon with me now. Kitchens.

My goal is to have a "new" kitchen by the end of 2012. "New" meaning hiring a professional to paint the cabinets white, new hardware, banquette ( get rid of the corner island ), and most importantly NEW countertops.
Here's my current kitchen. Well, most of it.

So here's me thinking outloud:

Open shelving always draws me in, and these cabinets are the same as mine so it does help visualize them as white. Marble countertops for the win.
Simple yet modern. Crazy about the black windows
Green/Gray Kitchen Tiles are cool, white/gray granite ( what I am trying to get my hands on as an alternative to marble )
Maybe someday I'll have a window like this over my sink :) I do love the fabric and the wide farmhouse sink

This ceiling is bananas.
Here's another white granite..and I have floors like that, I mop every other day...
These are the type of cabinets I have ( shaker ) and ultimately I love this entire look

What's your favorite? Anyone out there have white countertops?


  1. We have whie countertops. They are solid surface and have just a small amount of speckling in them. I don't have a problem keeping them nice and clean due to the fact that they can easily be sanded down if there is a stubborn stain.


  2. I've had white marble countertops for over four years now and LOVE them! Mine are not carrera, they are crema pacific, with brown veining. LOVE. This particular kind of marble was shockingly less expensive than granite too! You'll love the marble countertops, they are timeless and elegant, well worth the $$.

    Take a peek at mine if you like!



  3. I love the ceiling as well as the farmhouse sink