Urban Chickens?

When I approached my husband with the idea of getting some hens, he said yes before I could finish my sentence. ( He comes from a family of farmers ) We have the perrrfect spot for a good size chicken coop and how great to have our daughter growing up with the thrill of finding the eggs in the nests.
So I quickly jumped online to look at coop plans. I was blown away.

These are just a few creative ones that I found...

The Clever One...
The Sweet and Simple One:
The Multi Purpose One:
The Village One:
The Grand One:
The Even More Grand One:
The Dark One:
The Chic One:

And the one that just blows my mind:
Heather Bullard, you are one talented chick.
( go here for the specs )


  1. So cute! I love them all! I had no idea there were such beautiful chicken coops!

  2. check out Seattle Tilth! They have an urban farm tour coming up! Sean and I are going so we can scope out how people have things set up! :)

  3. Laying hens are infamously ungrateful and indifferent to their houses. Just think fresh eggs for breakfast. Yum.

  4. I just read Heather's article in Country Living today. That is a beautiful hen house! WOW!

    My dogs would be feasting on some chickens if I tried to raise them in my backyard, but good luck to you! :)