What ever happened to that project?

Truth be told, it's still not done. There are still details on it that need to be stapled down, but since it's just to look at really, that stuff can wait some more :) Upholstery is not for the faint of heart, dont let anyone fool you, it's tough work...and that is why I kept putting it off.

The fabric is Dwell ( from Joanns, I think I got 8yds for $105...so I saved over $100 on it, I have a ton left over. )
The wingback settee was $15 on Craigslist
The new foam was $30

AFTER: ( well, almost done )

If you are wanting to attempt such a project...
This type of staple remover will be your bff...
Also, if you can, get an electric staple gun

If you're serious about this project, buy this book: ( has step by step and pics )
I used the trace and cut method, as opposed to ripping everything to shreds and starting from scratch. So the best advice from me, is to draw a big letter on every piece of fabric with a  sharpie marker and take a picture of all sides, and draw it out. ...this is amateur sketch from another chair I'm workin on..
This way you know exactly where each piece goes and you can trace it onto your new fabric :)


  1. You did an awesome job Steph! I love this piece!

  2. Thank you so much for posting this!!! I have been hemming and hawing over if I should try this myself.... I have a settee & wingback that needs to be covered.... might try it myself!

  3. I'm seriously in awe of your big reupholstery project. Not an easy task!

    And I'm passing along the Kreative Blog award to you. :) Scroll down on my post for details:

  4. Good job!! Love your fabric choice. HUGE transformation. She's real purty now. You should be proud of yourself.