Laundry Room Updates

Can you tell I got my camera back? It's been in Africa with my husband, and so obviously I have catching up to do.

My laundry room has been neglected. It's big and boring. The washer and dryer are to the left and to the right, around the corner is an armoire.
Here it is today, with the new additions...
I found those antique fruit crates free on the side of the road, just hung them with a nail. The benches are from the old dining table, and that coat rack was an old $5 ledge that I added hardware to. My favorite is the $24.99 Schoolhouse Light from Lowes. ( Lowes has way better lights than HD in my opinion )

I just snapped these, I still need to "edit" the accessories and fix a few things, but you get my point.


  1. I LOVE it!! Great job...and your laundry room looks HUGE! Jealous!

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  3. Wow! Love your color scheme. So sophisticated! Beautifully accessorized. Those crates were a great find.

  4. Love the giant rusty pair of scissors! Where did you find it?!