My "big girl" table.

I have the same dining table for 5 years. Shes been good to me. This little picnic style rubberwood table has done the job. I bought it, along with the benches, for a grand total of $60 on clearance.

 Alas, I have been dreaming of a Modern Round Pedestal 60"  Table ( without a leaf..) for a while now. I entertain quite a bit, and 4-6 seats isnt cutting it. I need 6-8. It's impossible to find one under $1,000 without the leaf and espresso color. And I'm too frugal to pay that much for a table.
A few of the table's I've been swooning over are like these..
Crate and Barrel's Orion and Pearse Tables ( $900 and $1500 )

Or even this 60" round classic pedestal table for $1200

Well my patience paid off. I found it on craigslist. For $300 ( she couldnt remember if it was a crate and barrel or a west elm ) How did I earn that money? By selling my old table for $125 ( i paid 60 for it WITH the benches ) and $150 for an old Pottery Barn shelving unit ( that I paid $45 for originally ) So it was like swapping out, pretty much. It's kind of my rule, I cannot buy a piece of furniture unless I sell something else first.

I will have to buy 2 more seagrass chairs to fill it out, and probably recenter my chandelier.

It's got a great texture to it and does not have a scratch on it.

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