My pretty little free finds

As I've said before, I have a normal person's income. I dream of extravagant things but I rarely ever pay retail and I'm always ALWAYS looking for items to flip for extra cash.

Take this for example.
FREE on the side of the road was this pretty little antique pie/jelly cupboard. She's got the original ( broken ) glass and skinny little shelves inside. I dont have an exact NEED for her right now, but I put it on craigslist just to see who would bite. If I sell her as is, I'll get around $125 for it.

Also FREE, was this Ikea ottoman. Ya it's kind of ugly and wobbly and needed screws, but I quickly fixed that. I'll be working on a slipcover for this in the weeks to come.


  1. LOVE the cupboard! But I can't pay you that much for it.

  2. Nothing wrong with free. I found my girls an adorable white scallop bookshelf on the side of the road and just yesterday I picked up a vintage suitcase to use as a photography prop and a large section of wood flooring that I'll use as flooring for studio newborn photo sessions! Both were also sitting in people's trash! Cute cupboard btw! Hope u find a buyer :)