Here's some clever ideas for decorating pumpkins..some of these would look really cool as a tablescape.

1. Pantyhose! Who'd think!

2. Martha Lace Pumpkins. Obviously more intricate..

                                   3. Christmas lights inside ( just drill the holes )
                                     4. Painted Pumpkins
              5. Velvet Pumpkins ( these are the popular thing this year )

                                    6. Glitter Pumpkins ( 2010 most popular )

7. Tack Pumpkins. I wouldnt have the patience for this one..
but this one I could handle..

Or Upholstery Tacks..

8. Twine or Wire Wrapped Pumpkins

9. Bedazzled Pumpkins 
10. Yarn Pumpkins

And a couple tips to help the longevity of your carved pumpkins..

Put one of those bags of silica beads you get when you buy new shoes, or purses or wallets inside the pumpkin. It'll suck up some of the moisture..but PLEASE NOTE: Do not take the gels out of the bag. Keep them in the bag. I have not tried this method yet, but I will.
Here is a link to a cool science experiment in which they tested out 5 methods ( excluding the above ) on how to preserve a carved pumpkin. Go HERE

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