My evolution to pinterest

Years ago I started a binder. This binder was filled with magazine pages, articles and fabric swatches. It was organized by room type, and it was when I started to really appreciate home decor. I was dating my husband and still living at home, while dreaming of what my home would look like someday.

Once I was married and bought a laptop, I evolved from magazine clippings to saving photos off magazine websites, online stores, public boards and flickr. I mean, it's what you did, right? ( this is the condensed version)

2011 I was introduced to pinterest. I didnt understand the hype at first, I'll admit. I just didnt get the purpose. But now I do. It's genius, and I'm bugged I didnt come up with it first! I've enjoyed going through my old decor files and pinning them to pinterest. And I'm sure my hard drive is happy now.

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  1. Oh man, I still haven't got on Pinterest yet. I am afraid to. I already spend way too much time blog stalking as it is.