Upstairs Updates

I picked up these 2 rusty metal baskets at my favorite antique store for $11 ( for the pair! )

They are now upstairs on the wall, and my daughter immediately put some of her animals in them..she must have been browsing the Pottery Barn Kids catalog..( check these out, crazy huh?? )

I also got tired of not having a light fixture up in the landing, so I took apart the Capiz Shell lamp that's been in my daughters room..

Sorry so dark, it's an issue in this staircase even though there's a window

I simply hung it up using tiny hooks


  1. Because I am so clueless when it comes to this sort of thing I have to is the light connected to a power source? This is a great idea and looks cute there.

  2. great finds! Your house looks so cute!

    Lindsey Turner

  3. I'm assuming the capiz shell shade is hung over the existing ceiling fixture, right? What a clever idea. Genius, in fact.

  4. Yes it's hung over an existing light ( there used to be a boob light there )