Lesson learned.

Well this didnt work out as smoothly as I had intended. I've been so tired of my dining buffet/wine shelves for the  longest time, as they dont serve their purpose so much anymore. I have too many things and not enough space. I knew I'd be able to sell it right away, with them being Pottery Barn and all. ( this is an old pic )
So I promptly listed it on Craigslist and within hours, it was hauled away.
I was nervous and excited to make a change. This wall needs something more substantial anyways.
I jumped in my suv, ready to go get the product I'm ultimately going to get, and called the store just in case.
Alas, they've been out of stock for weeks. With no delivery date in site.


So thanks to my impulsive sale, this wall ( which is a lot bigger than the picture shows ) sits empty..
And my dining table is cluttered with serveware, dishes and glasses. And my kitchen is overflowing. Til who knows when. *le sigh*
So, the lesson here, boys and girls, make sure you either already HAVE the piece of furniture you desire, or atleast make sure it's in stock. I should know better.


  1. I did this too. Got sick of my dining rom set and listed it on CL. Of course it sold by the end of the day. Now I have no table, no plan, and Thanksging is 5 days away....