My girl's room

I finally got around to rearranging my daughter's room. It needed a change.
Here's before:

And today:

I do still plan on using her antique hand mirrors, just havent hung them yet.
The next thing to do is get new curtains. These white things were supposed to be temporary...but here we are a year later. I never even put finials on the rods. How embarrassing.
 I used to want to paint that wood wall. It's grown on me so much, if I did anything to it, I'd stain it darker, but isnt it great?
And her artwork display.. ( FREE frames and $30 Pottery Barn Book rack at a garage sale )


  1. You're embarrassed by THAT? Every designer's home is a work in progress, doncha know. Nothing in my house ever feels totally completed to me. The room looks great! Lots of personality. Your daughter is not only a lucky girl but a real cutie pie, too.

  2. Her room was cute before, but now it's ready for a magazine shoot!:) Great job! And I LOVE that wall with the diagonal wood!

  3. It looks amazing! Long time since I've been on D&R but it looks like things are great around your house!