Nontraditional Measuring Cups

After 6.5 years of having the same plastic measuring cups, the handles finally busted off of 2 of my cups. So I've been on the hunt for a new set. There are some pretty fun sets out there, and I thought they'd be a great gift idea as well. Check 'em out...

$24 via Etsy
$12.99 Russian Doll Cups via World Market ( not online )
$24 ( my favorite ) Milk Bottle Cups via Anthro
$24 Sheep Cups via Urban Outfitters
$11 ( clearance ) Fish Cups via Pier One

$28 Flora Measuring Cups via Anthro ( no longer avail. online, however, they are on clearance in stores for $15 i think )


  1. I'm so all over those measuring cups from Pier 1! Thanks for helping me with my christmas shopping :)

  2. Excellent gift idea! I don't know anyone who wouldn't welcome new measuring cups.

  3. i have been coveting the flora ones from anthro for over a year! i'm pretty sure they are going on the top of my wish list this year.