New Pillows

Last week I posted photos of my daughters room, only to realize I wasnt satisfied with the pillow situation. I've been looking to add quilt like linens in her room, but usually any pillow or bedding with the word quilt tied to it has $$$ attached.
But I got lucky at Marshalls last night and found Carole Little Pillows on Clearance for $8 EACH.

I'm very pleased with them! Cant beat $24 for 3 pillows. And I found a gift card in my wallet, so I really only paid $15 for all :) That love pillow reminds me of something you'd find at Pottery Barn Teen.


  1. I love your new pillows! That's the same pattern as the quilt set I found for my daughter's room at TJ Maxx last spring. It was $29.99. I might have to run to Marshall's to check for some accent pillows! Thanks for the post!

  2. I am loving your daughter's room. The stripes are great and the color palette is perfect! This could totally work for an adult guest room too.